Thu | Jan 17, 2019

Applaud the judges for harsh sentences

Published:Saturday | February 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I applaud justices Courtney Daye and Carol Lawrence-Beswick on the sentences that they have recently handed down in relation to heinous murders after the accused were found guilty.

They have drastically diverted from some very light sentences that have been given in the recent past. Alas, a light seems to be shining from the long dark end of the winding tunnel of justice.

Criminals overall need to know that when they commit offences, especially murder, they will be severely punished after being found guilty. If this trend of tough, long sentences continues, it is my hope that vicious crimes will be reduced because a message will be sent to those intent on causing mayhem in the country.

Great job! I pray that other justices across all courts will follow the lead of their brother and sister on the Bench. Your actions are key to stemming the bloodshed in the land.