Wed | Jan 16, 2019

Sick of men exposing underwear

Published:Saturday | February 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM


It's hard to believe that Jamaica, which is deemed highly homophobic, possibly 99.9 per cent so, can tolerate so-called straight men exposing their behind.

Things that are on display are usually for sale or, pardon the pun, up for grabs. Ladies of the night, in an attempt to lure customers, display what they have for sale with the hopes that men who are so enticed will shop around or enter therein. I would HATE to think that's what our young and not so young men are doing by exposing their behinds.

My ire was ignited when, on the weekend, I was at a high-end store in Liguanea and saw two men, what one would deem as being of decent stock, shopping. To my dismay, one of the two had his underwear fully exposed. I gasped audibly because I couldn't believe this was really so, no matter how pretty the underwear is.




The question I ask is, where have we gone that exposing our inner/undergarments is now the norm? Where is the decency that says your body MUST be modestly covered or your underwear be what it is: remain underwear?

I firmly believe that business places should abide by a dress code that says if one is not modestly covered, one cannot enter the stores. I'm not going to buy into the argument that modesty is relative. We tend to have too many relatives nowadays to suit our purposes. There should be someone at the door of a store to turn away those young men with exposed underwear, saying, "Pull up or stay out!"

Hospitals, schools and other public places have resorted to signage that states what is appropriate for entering those premises. It shouldn't be that because one is spending oodles of money, one is allowed to enter as bare as you dare.

Don't think for a fleeting moment that I'm harping only on our young men, our females too need to take stock of how they appear in public as well. Many of them need to revise, revisit and revamp their wardrobes.