Wed | Jan 16, 2019

Let court still rule on acting chief justice

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Now that Andrew Holness has yielded to the court of public opinion, he needs to take the next step to properly put the debacle of his acting chief justice appointment to rest.

It would be beneficial for the Constitutional Court to make a declaration on Mr Holness' decision to make an acting appointment when the retirement and vacancy for the substantive appointment as chief justice was mandated by the Constitution.

Even though Justice Sykes is now appointed chief justice, we are still not sure whether Mr Holness and his advisers erred in their decisions to install Bryan Sykes in an acting position when there was a clear vacancy resulting from a retirement mandated by the Constitution.

Mr Holness can take a statesmanlike step and himself seek a declaration from the Constitutional Court. He would become a member of a distinguished club. Years ago, Canada's PM, the esteemed Jean Chretien, took such a step when technical issues arose regarding the percentage of votes required for Quebec to separate from Canada.

Mr Holness' half-apology for the comments made when he placed Justice Sykes on probation is not good enough!


Ontario, Canada