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What's the difference between Bunting and Clarke?

Published:Tuesday | March 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The backlash that the People's National Party's Peter Bunting has been receiving is quite in order. As someone who I regard as being highly educated, I am surprised that Mr Bunting would refer to another highly educated man in this manner.

Mr Bunting's sentiments are reminiscent of those echoed in other spheres across the world where racism, elitism, and classism is rife.

However, he has shown himself to be divisive, and that is not good for somebody seeking leadership.

Mr Bunting's pronouncement is an insult to Keisha Hayle, the PNP candidate. What Bunting is saying, in coded language, is that Hayle has a "rural and down-to-earth ethos", which, in contrast to Clarke, would make her unsophisticated, unpolished and lacking in pedigree.

He has poured cold water on the ambitions of many Jamaicans to be socially mobile. So being bright and well educated is a bad thing? Said from the Canada-trained engineer from the rich background who went to Campion, of all schools, traveling all the way from Clarendon; worked at Citibank; then went on to make a fortune of his own in the local banking industry!

Black men need not belittle the accomplishments and background of other black men.

The irony of Mr Bunting's banter is that many see him in the same light in which he desperately tries to place Dr Clarke.


Lecturer, International Business

Harvard University