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Guards who held off mob are heroes

Published:Tuesday | March 13, 2018 | 12:05 AM
Security guards tackle a fleeing alleged robber in a plaza along Constant Spring Road.


Commendations are in order for a group of security officers who, in the face of personal danger, saved the life of an alleged phone thief in Half-Way Tree on the weekend.

At about 1:30 in the afternoon of March 10, a woman was seen running on the Springs Plaza and shouting, "Tief! Mi want mi phone!" while a young man was speeding away. He was eventually stopped by a male security guard, and then an unruly crowd descended on the alleged thief.

The security guard tried valiantly to keep off the growing bloodthirsty mob, but he was outnumbered.

Three other security officers and a passer-by joined the rescue of the wounded man, who received kicks, punches, and hits to his head from stones hurled at him by the depraved crowd.

The beating subsided when the bleeding man was pushed to a wall, and at that time, the security persons (their uniforms soaked with the man's blood) were able to form a human shield around him.




A sign of civility also occurred when a woman pushed herself through the crowd, displayed an identification card, demanded that the beating stop, and requested eyewitnesses to point out the people who had injured the man. The police came later and took the man away.

In the face of anarchy, the security officers displayed bravery, and although a male security guard from another company joined in the beating of the alleged phone grabber, the men and women in white and blue uniforms (Sentry Security Services) and a female guard in a yellow and black uniform stood on the side of what is right despite the verbal and physical abuse they endured.

They must be rewarded by well-thinking individuals in the society.


Mandeville PO, Manchester