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Robert Miller ventriloquist of Government

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Robert Miller's attempt at singing for his supper in his guest column 'After the sick-out, what's next?' (Sunday Gleaner, March 18, 2018) speaks to an adviser of the minister of education who selectively masquerades as a ventriloquist and does such a poor job that everyone is yawning from the sleeping gas Miller has unleashed.

Speaking as a teacher, the offer that was eventually settled at was 11 per cent, not 3.5 per cent. The Government, at the time, respectfully stated that it was broke, and Audley Shaw offered his support for the teachers by pointing to the offer of the then Government as being inadequate. The offer was increased.

Mr Miller continues to create his own facts about the so-called 1.5 benefiting all workers. Only approximately 28 per cent of teachers received any benefit from this election commitment.