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Give non-protesting teachers retro pay

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) has rejected the Government's wage offer, and as a non-JTA member, I repudiate the union's decision.

Can 84 representatives of the JTA vote on such a delicate matter with 48 voting against accepting the offer, thus causing the vast majority of us to wait until 2020 before we can be paid our retroactive monies? Is this valid? Should there not be a quorum-like control over the number of persons who can vote when decisions like these have to be made for so many people?

Must we all suffer?

Or do we all suffer the consequence since it's collective bargaining?

I have lost faith in the JTA. I am totally dissatisfied with the way it negotiates, so I don't waste my time, money or vote with them.

Many teachers have been faithful to their duties for years and do not own a home. Many do not own a motor vehicle -still riding the bus.

My 16th wedding anniversary is March 30, and if the JTA had accepted the offer of 16 per cent over the four-year period, I would be much happier.

Why should I wait until 2020 to be paid my hard-earned money because of 48 persons?

I wish the Government could make the retroactive payment to all the teachers who did not participate in the industrial action (sick-out) and those who are not JTA representatives, and let the others wait until 2020.