Mon | Dec 17, 2018

JamaicaEye will work

Published:Wednesday | March 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM


JamaicaEye will work because it not only provides a platform for the security forces to constantly monitor high-traffic or high-crime areas, but it is the perfect opportunity for citizen partnership with the Government.

JamaicaEye has the stock of the kind of social intervention that is required to bring about true change. I'm confident that the more we begin to support and rely on JamaicaEye is the less likely that brazen acts of violence will occur in some areas. We will soon be able to put our trust behind the watchful eye of this new security feature.

I must congratulate the minister of national security and, by extension, his ministry for not only seeking out innovative opportunities to combat crime, but also for supporting and implementing new technologies.

This is the beginning of a safer Jamaica for all of us.