Fri | Nov 15, 2019

Do not give in to wage demand

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I wish to urge the Government to not allow a few persons to derail the programme to stabilise and grow our economy by giving in to their high wage demands. I am a civil servant and I am not in management so I am not speaking from a lofty position where I am unable to relate to the struggle. On the contrary, I have many urgent needs that I am unable to meet and I do not have a lot of years before retirement to catch up and to meet those needs. However, I do understand the importance of living within our means.

For years, our economy has been crippled by mismanagement and it is full time that we are prudent in how we handle our affairs. We cannot continue to be borrowing to pay civil servants.

I suggest that the Government provide our teachers, nurses, and other civil servants with financial education so that we may know about investing and wealth creation and to carve out our own success. Consideration may also be given to providing certain fringe benefits (where feasible) rather than loading the economy with a humongous wage bill. Let's aim to achieve our goal of having the wage bill within 9 per cent of GDP, so that our money can have value and our increases, when given, has spending power and can go a long way.

J. Bartley