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Empty promises to St Thomas

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is an open Letter to the Prime Minister from the St Thomas Ministers' Fraternity.

St Thomas is the only parish which, to date, has not benefited from improved road network - be it highway or otherwise. The South Coast Highway linking Kingston to Port Antonio, which was promised by the previous administration, was scaled down to a more manageable but less elaborate well-built two lane road by you. This, however; has proved to be just an empty promise.In the meantime, massive improvements are being effected to roads in other parts of the island with materials being taken out of this parish.

At a "Hope for Jamaica" Town Hall meeting held at the site of the former Goodyear Factory on Thursday, July 13, 2017, you promised vehemently that the Town Centre would be removed to the Goodyear Factory. You said that work, at a cost of $4 billion would start by year-end (2017). Another empty promise.

The promised opening up of the Bowden Wharf to transport aggregate in order to protect the road surface has remained just that - a promise, and a very empty one at that.

Mr Prime Minister, it is very evident that the citizens of St Thomas are being taken for fools, as the old adage states "Good promise make fools glad."

Our sand, marl, water - all resources from the parish - are being depleted to build up other places while we remain in the dump. Sir, the people of St Thomas anxiously await the very speedy fulfilment of promises made.

Leroy Muir (Bishop)

St Thomas Ministers' Fraternal