Thu | Jul 18, 2019

We all must get involved

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Many have asked me why I "bother" with politics, why do I support the Jamaica Labour Party? My simple answer is that I love my country and its people and I want to see better. Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed it aptly on Tuesday: "I stand here to make a difference in the lives of the people of this country, though some may wrongly characterise politics as nasty and brutish, it is undoubtedly the means by which the widest and most profound changes can be made to the lives of the largest number of people".

The two times I ran for a seat, I did my best with what I had at very short notice. I lost, but I made an impact and can honestly say that I did it for Jamaica because I saw what lay ahead if we continued on the path on which we had embarked.

PM Holness' speech hit the spot with respect to why we are where we are at this time. The administration's plans for employment, housing, the economy, tourism, social welfare and education made me optimistic.

After his speech, I felt that Jamaica is on the right track and I had - and Jamaica - made the right choice.

Any card can play, but right now, the right man is handling those cards and I like how he is dealing them.

Dr Saphire Longmore