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Clean filthy gully on Mannings Hill Road

Published:Friday | March 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I live outside of the Corporate Area but had reason to visit Kingston last week. I was taken aback when I passed on Mannings Hill Road and looked at the gully that runs along it just as you leave Roehampton Drive.

The mounds of garbage inside the gully looked more like mountains, and I thought that all we would need is one good shower of rain to wash all of that down into the sea.

We claim that we want to preserve our environment. We have the Jamaica Environment Trust, the National Environment and Planning Agency, local government, Metropolitan Parks and Markets, but nobody sees this?

The Trickle-down Effect

This is a well-traversed thoroughfare, not far from some upscale communities. We need to realise that what affects one community will eventually trickle down to affect the whole country.

It is obvious that the community from which that garbage is coming, as one can deduce this by the side of the gully from which the mounds arise. Is it difficult to have garbage skips in the community, so the people there can have an alternative to throwing their garbage in the gully?

We cannot, as a country, continue to live like this. I firmly believe that our surroundings reflect our mentality. When one travels abroad and then returns to Jamaica, it is depressing that the first thing that is noticed is the garbage strewn along our streets. We need to go back to the days when civic pride was taught in schools.

I am calling on the member of parliament, the minister of local government and the various environmental groups to address this gully.