Fri | Aug 23, 2019

Find the roots of crime, Commissioner

Published:Friday | March 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Major General Antony Anderson.


The newly appointed commissioner of police, Major General Antony Anderson, at the beginning of his tenure, would do well by determining what are the contributing factors of the monstrosity of crime and violence in Jamaica and address the findings accordingly.

At the same time, with the enhanced security measures in effect in Montego Bay and the entire parish of St James, I am suggesting that all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, moralists, law-enforcement agencies, schools, and other relevant authorities, also pay greater attention to finding the root causes of the proliferation of crime.

Many of us already understand that the lottery scam and illegal drug trade were crucial influences that caused violence to spiral in recent years.

However, there are other pertinent causes, such as poor parenting with weak family structure, lack of adequate education, unemployment, and inadequate mentorship given to youth.

Meanwhile, not many Jamaicans are prepared to conform and sacrifice in order to become more disciplined, adopting the right mental attitudes, moral training, orderly behaviour and obeying the rules set out by those in authority.

No wonder this social disease of crime and violence has escalated in Montego Bay and rural St James.