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Carnival flesh fest source of shame to women

Published:Saturday | April 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Samatha Strachan (right) and Trizan Chung-Ying get on bad during the Xodus carnival road march on Sunday, April 8.


"Carnival is woman" are the words of the popular soca song by Faye-Ann Lyons. And the women indeed turned out in significantly large numbers for Jamaica's carnival road march on Sunday, April 8.

An article in this esteemed paper said that women felt confident in their costume. It begs the question as to whether they also feel that same confidence in a suit or /and other forms of attire. Why the baring of so much flesh for them to feel this air of confidence?

I weep and mourn for my sisters who believe and hold firmly to their opinion that it's all in the name of fun and being free. You've discarded your crown of being seen as a lady, with so much exposure that all of your mammary glands are there for all of society to see, with the exception of a jewel or crystal covering the nipples.

With so many conferences, workshops, fora, seminars on female empowerment, personal branding, winning and leadership, do they not recall that a woman must embody all of the above to tackle this male-dominated culture and prevail against the glass ceiling?

While some experience 'tabanca' from the soca revelry, I experience sadness of a different kind. I wish for my fellow Jamaican women to become more aware of how they are being perceived.