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Does the Bible promote gyal inna bungle?

Published:Tuesday | April 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Lennie Little-White's In Focus column 'Some Jamaican men are dawgs' (Sunday Gleaner, April 15, 2018) seemed to have implicated the Bible and a Jamaican reggae artiste in fostering sexual irresponsibility among men.

While I doubt even the impact of a song on one's procreative activities, I definitely believe that the scriptures used are misplaced. Genesis 1:28: Multiply and fill the earth could hardly be left only on the shoulders of Adam and Eve, even if that was all they had to do, without giving names to the host of animals and tending the garden as God instructed.

Filling the earth with children would, therefore, carry a chain effect, where his offspring would continue the reproductive process. It's funny that Solomon's wisdom is claimed to owe its source to polygamous behaviour, given that the Bible mentioned his fall from God's favour and good judgement on the grounds of acquiring numerous women and foreign wives.

A truckload of females, on the surface, may seem cool and the defining mark of manhood, until the financial responsibility and the title that says 'father'.