Sun | Jun 16, 2019

Disgusted with FLOW’s failures

Published:Wednesday | April 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I write to express my concern and disappointment at the quality of service being received from FLOW.

For some time, I have been paying for a mobile-phone service package for which I have had no need. My monthly bill has been in excess of $4,000.

This is almost twice the monthly bill my wife pays for her phone, which, based on her volunteering, service club, church and sporting activities, require her to use her phone much more than I need to do.

As a consequence, I visited the FLOW Half-Way Tree Road offices sometime in January this year to request a change in my package to one similar to the one my wife has. I was attended by a customer service agent, who had me fill out and sign a Change Form, which she said she would hold until February 5 when the new cycle would begin because I was already in the January billing cycle.

When I received my bill after March 5, I realised that I was being billed for the same old package; no change had been effected.

I then again visited the office in March and, after much trouble and a long wait, managed to be led into an office where an agent sought to deal with my problem. Despite promises to faithfully follow the matter through to resolution, I have again received a bill at the beginning of April, which is reflecting billing for the old package.

Hopefully, there's someone at that company who cares enough about service quality to pay attention to this matter.


Kingston 6