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Shirley Richards can't tell me who to sleep with

Published:Friday | April 20, 2018 | 12:36 AM


Shirley Richards, the attorney-at-law who penned the article 'Gay-mad UK has lost its soul' (Gleaner, April 18, 2018), would do well to meet with some lesbian and gay people and speak with them first hand. She takes a moral high ground which is not exclusively hers.  Shirley Richards has no right to tell me who I can take to my bedroom or what I choose to do or not do with said person in my bedroom.

Her article was offensive. I have lived my life as a gay Jamaican - largely in London for 58 years.

Ms Richards has no idea of the pain and suffering we have endured under the suggestion, "I have no right to equality in the law."

I demand the respect she feels she deserves. She is acting like the slave master, who objects to the uprising of the disenfranchised inspired. Stand aside, for we shall overcome.