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Letter of the Day | Dying for piped water in Damhead, St Catherine

Published:Monday | April 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM
File Rio Cobre dam, St. Catherine.


This is an open letter to the NWC.

Pipes in Crescent district, Damhead, near Angels 1 Housing Scheme, St Catherine, are dry most times, hence, many residents are constantly without water for weeks at a time.

If we followed the National Water Commission's (NWC) own tagline that states 'water is life,' we would all be dead.

What is most hurtful about this situation is the reality that NWC has a pumping house in the district, from which water can be seen overflowing on to the main road ever so often. Also, the Rio Cobre and a dam, full of water, is just across the road from our community.

I am led to think that the NWC either does not care, do not wish to resolve the long-standing water issue in Crescent, or they are just malicious, because they continue to send water bills to the citizens, although they do not provide us with piped water.

I am now pleading for a reliable schedule of piped water on behalf of myself and other residents. It is unfair for the NWC to pump water from the Rio Cobre daily to parts of Kingston and Portmore, while those living mere metres away from the river, are left with dry pipes.

Water is a very basic necessity and the NWC needs to do better. I have called and reported the matter and nothing has been done. I have visited the NWC office in Spanish Town and still nothing was done, hence my open letter through this media.

Hoping this time around, they will get the message.

V. James

A concerned citizen