Sat | Dec 7, 2019

Crime coordinated by shadowy mob actors

Published:Wednesday | April 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM



Last year, I uttered an observation that crime in Jamaica seems to be controlled by someone or some persons in high places. I drew that conclusion after realising a strange similarity in how murders spike, then dip, then spike again shortly after the media reports a decline in the numbers.

Crime in Jamaica appears to be planned, organised, used for publicity and carried out in a deliberate and calculated manner. In reality, the state of emergency and zones of special operations in St James and St Catherine North, which saw murder figures plummet in those locales, can only last for so long and no more. So what's next?

The police force, army and MOCA need to identify the root causes or persons who are using crime as a strategy against the government of the day. I'm suggesting greater use of wiretaps because there must be communication for such coordination to take place.