Wed | Dec 11, 2019

My vision for redefining education ministry

Published:Wednesday | April 25, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I welcome another voice making the call for a change in the name of the Ministry of Education. This is in reference to Mark Ricketts' article in The Sunday Gleaner of April 22,2018, titled 'Education ministry must change its name'.

Mr Ricketts proposes a name change to the Ministry of Education,Training and Technology. My choice would be Ministry of Education,Training and Development (... of our Human Resource, of course!). The clarification in parenthesis is necessary, I think, because some years ago, I was asked what I do for a living. I answered that I am a trainer, in much the same way that someone who teaches would say, 'I am a teacher.'

Then quite quickly and unexpectedly came the next question: What do you train? Racehorses?

While the word 'development' has many contexts, when attached to the Ministry of Education, its mandate is clear: namely, the education, training, and development of our human resources.

Since there is already a Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, I believe the addition of 'Technology' to the Ministry of Education would be unnecessary.

The information portfolio would be more impactful if it were handled from the Office of the Prime Minister.