Tue | May 21, 2019

Di Curvy Diva should be fined!

Published:Thursday | April 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The things some public figures use to attract attention! They use controversy to get more followers, comments, and views on social media.

Yanique Di Curvy Diva posted a video of her urinating in a bush somewhere in Jamaica. She actually let someone record her then posted it! Some people obviously do not see anything wrong with it. Their argument is: Where should she urinate if she's in the middle of nowhere? Also, some argue that 'hot girls' do use the bushes, so why hide it?

But, my opinion is that even if you really wanted to pee, why record it? Also, what message is she sending folks who defended her the other day against the 'Icon'? Many argued that she had class and the cricketer had none. But this video is not a good look class- wise. Many may argue that I'm elitist for pointing out class here. Every man should want a lady with class. Every woman should aspire to be classy.

Now, if this individual were in Singapore, she would've been fined or arrested. The can of worms Yanique has opened up is for other folks who think it is cool to do so. What's next? Defecating in the bush?

The National Environment and Planning Agency should fine Yanique for urinating publicly.

A message needs to be sent that peeing publicly should not be accepted.

Teddylee Gray

Ocho Rios, St Ann