Wed | Dec 12, 2018

Heartless to ban rape-linked abortions

Published:Friday | May 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Once again, I have to differ with the Rev Peter Espeut, at any rate partially, with regard to his views in the news story 'Abortion is murder' (Gleaner, May 17, 2018).

I can support him on the issue of a woman who engages in sex as a matter of her own free will and accord. Actions have consequences and one must live with those consequences, unless one is dealing with life-threatening situations.

I cannot support him in relation to a rape victim. The women in question did not engage in sex of their own free will and accord, and to suggest that she must just 'hug up' that, with the discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth, is quite unkind and unfeeling.