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Entrepreneurship on a roll!

Published:Saturday | May 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM


It appears that through ingenuity, dedication and pure willpower, Jamaica's young entrepreneurs have armed themselves with the tools to ensure success. They are on a roll. This is a welcome improvement considering the economic hardships of previous years.

Innovation and technology lead the charge in the new age of entrepreneurship, and thosewho have set up shop continue to do exceptionally well. By all indications, soon we will develop a true culture of entrepreneurship - one that will remain the driving force of Jamaica.

This new age of entrepreneurship demands the kind of social responsibility that previous stints could not provide. This is encouraging for not just business owners, but the average Jamaican.

Special mention must be given to Growth Tech, a technology company seeking to bring Internet accessibility to more Jamaicans via public -passenger vehicles. Not only will the company benefit, but so will the thousands of commuters that ride JUTC buses daily. This is thoughtful entrepreneurship from Jamaicans who care about Jamaica!

For years we have been held somewhat hostage to the profit-making ambitions of other nations. Often outnumbered and outbid, Jamaican entrepreneurs remain resilient!

I was heartened to learn of iPrint Digital's recent acquisition of the more-than-50-year-old National Outdoor Advertising. To see this baby giant of sorts rise to reclaim a chunk of Jamaica's advertising industry gives me hope. Several young companies, including Iron Rock Insurance and Jamaica Teas, have used IPOs to gain an advantage in the marketplace, making a name for themselves.