Thu | Jan 17, 2019

No evidence of Jesus' miracles

Published:Monday | May 21, 2018 | 11:02 PMDevon Gray


With reference to Dr Devon Dick's column in The Gleaner of May 17, 2018, I'm here to tell (or remind) him of a few facts.

There is no independent source of any resurrection of Jesus the Christ outside of what was claimed decades later by anonymous writings in the Christian gospels.

There is no independent evidence that the said Jesus performed any of the claimed miracles mentioned in the Christian scriptures. There is nothing unique in the claims made for miracles performed by Jesus. So-called miracle workers were dime a dozen back in Jesus' day.

Moses, in the name of his god, made his rod become a serpent; his Egyptian counterparts were able to do likewise, presumably in the name of their gods.

The gospels say Jesus told his disciples that in the last days (whenever that is), miracles of healing would be performed to such extent that the faith of even sincere Christians would be severely tested. Jesus didn't say they would be fake miracles.

It's not likely Jesus ever spoke of himself as being God, considering that Judaism was his religion, in which there's no concept of a deity outside of an absolute divinity.

Truth be told, Rev Dick has no empirical basis for his claims of Jesus' miracles and resurrection any more than does the woman have for her claim of a miraculous breast transplant.