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Mindless Jamaica Customs

Published:Wednesday | May 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM


After having to suffer through an interminable wait to realise that my bags did not arrive with Air Canada, I then completed forms, joined queues, prescribed by both Air Canada and the Jamaica Customs.

When the bags were finally delivered the following day, I was to discover that

a) A strap I use to secure my bag, and which is always used on the outside, was summarily thrown in with clothes and foodstuff because the individual who opened the suitcase could not be bothered to reaffix same.

b) OTC medical pads I was transporting were torn open then just thrown back into the suitcase with everything else - food and clothes.

c) One package that I was transporting was hijacked/stolen from my suitcase because the goods being transported were supposedly not allowed into the country. Such ridiculousness!

The very same things in another bag were allowed through.


Respect is needed


There are ways in which we may conduct our affairs as private and public entities, as community and individuals that convey some level of respect.

It is very important for government Customs and airlines to realise that the property they transport and inspect actually belongs to someone.

A suitcase might just be an abstract, but to the individual .they are personal belongings that actually mean something

From all the revenue earned by the Jamaica Customs, has no one ever thought of investing in paper and ink to print relevant notices of why, where, and how baggage had to be opened, inspected, etc? Must individuals search high and low only to realise that their goods have been pilfered . Had I not called back Air Canada to find out exactly what had transpired, I would not have learned that Jamaica Customs removed items from my luggage.

Is there a reason the Jamaica Customs must be such a mindless entity?

Dr Courtney A. Hogarth

The University of the West Indies