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NWC's Buchanan way too defensive

Published:Thursday | May 24, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I write in response to Charles Buchanan's letter titled 'NWC only digs up roads if we must' published in The Gleaner on May 23.

I wonder whether Mr Buchanan gave it much thought before so defensively replying to the editor. I don't think the Jamaican people would, for a moment, agree with the reason he has posited. I think the National Water Commission (NWC) is simply like most government agencies that don't understand enough to care about the nuisance they are and create to the people Jamaica. They are, at best, reactive.

It's really sad that after years of doing leak repairs in today's day and age, the process requires lengthy consultation.

In 2010, I was on an extended stay in Delaware, USA, and having gone jogging one morning, about five minutes into my exercise, I noticed a team that handled road maintenance about to install a concrete drain box. On spot were the trucks with the materials to re-asphalt the section that would be dug up.

My jog would take two miles in one direction. On my return, the drain was installed and the section of the roadway properly repaired.

Question: If we are to believe Mr Buchanan, it follows that the NWC would have known that the roadway would need to be repaired after their supposed compulsory dig. Why wouldn't the necessary materials be readily on hand?


Backward practice


The excuse of it being the job of another agency is antiquated and backward practice in thinking. This is the 21st century, for crying out loud. After having created a nuisance for so many years, you'd think agencies like the NWC would be able to get it right by now. Or maybe because they drive expensive SUVs, they simply don't care.

It's about time the Jamaican people stop receiving excuses from these 'public servants' and that they be held accountable for their poor performance!

I'd suggest to Mr Buchanan that instead of finding the time to so defensive, he receive the criticisms levelled against the NWC as descriptive as opposed to deeming them malicious.

Mi tiad a NWC!



Kingston, Jamaica