Tue | Dec 18, 2018

Letter of the Day | Save Heroes Park

Published:Saturday | May 26, 2018 | 12:05 AM


Having heard the ongoing debate surrounding the construction of a Parliament building and other government entities in the Heroes Park area, it is evident that the social, economic, and environmental consequences of this project definitely outweigh the pros. And it is against this background that I believe the Government should rethink this action.

The National Heroes Park is a historic site that was bestowed to the people of Kingston more than 200 years ago to be used as a "public garden, pleasure park, and recreation area". Destroying this area to house Parliament and government buildings not only breaches the King George VI Memorial Park 1956 Act, but also removes the park's historical value. The residents in the adjoining communities have cherished this recreational space for years. Removing it will only rob them of the peace and tranquillity that this green area brings.


Look at all sides


Not only would it be unfair to serve an eviction notice to residents who have invested money in acquiring property in these communities, but the costs associated with this plan would be a significant drain to our country's struggling economy.

The cost to demolish existing structures, shift operations to interim facilities, construct new buildings, and relocate hundreds of people is simply a waste of resources.

While the idea of having Parliament and government buildings in a centralised location like other Caribbean countries is an excellent one, Heroes Park is not an ideal location for this approach. Even so, Jamaica lacks adequate resources to implement a project of this magnitude.