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Petrojam witch-hunt

Published:Sunday | June 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM



I read with interest a recent article in The Gleaner regarding a probe into Petrojam, Jamaica's state-owned refinery. It is interesting how the headline made it seem as if it was a fact that there is something untoward happening at the company. I found it quite misleading.

As a former employee at the refinery, I am hurt by these accusations. Petrojam is always under scrutiny, internally and externally. This is nothing new. Your reputable paper and its journalists should do better at painting the right picture for the public and should not be more interested in sensationalism and propaganda.

To the best of my knowledge, the company is audited yearly by the same auditor general who the opposition member, Julian Robinson, has asked to conduct an audit. Now, if the company is already being audited every year, what would a mid-year audit reveal that the 2017 or year-end audit did not reveal?

Is it that Robinson has little or no trust in the auditor general? Furthermore, I think it irresponsible that he would address Parliament without being fully informed or armed with the facts.

I believe this is a ploy by the Opposition to undermine the hard work and accomplishments that I have seen take place at Petrojam over the last couple of years. I hope this senseless witch-hunt will be called off and good sense prevail. It really pains my heart!


Westchester, Portmore