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That 'Tell Me Pastor' response

Published:Monday | June 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is a response to the Rev Devon Dick's column of June 7, 2018, titled 'Why no love for the rape victim?'

Dear Rev Devon Dick,

The letter from the young woman is getting a lot of attention that I am sure she did not anticipate. I keep wondering why this man thinks that he can just force himself on a 15-year-old and get off scot-free?

Does he think he is above the law? Does he think that he is so needed or some king? There is something wrong right there.

I don't think the young lady said everything in her letter, which she didn't have to. He took her body by force and he doesn't expect to pay for the crime. That's nothing but arrogance.

I understand what Pastor Aaron Dumas is saying when he mentions that the rapist will never admit to it. The older sister will not believe it, either, because she wants to be married.

Many women around the world will willing dismiss things about the men they are with because the life promised to them is some sort of a fairy tale. I can only imagine the ordeal that this man has caused upon this young woman, having violated her body and walking around like some person of character. I am surprise that he did not try it again. He may intend to try it again. Who knows?