Tue | Sep 22, 2020

Safeguard green spaces from abuse

Published:Thursday | June 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Along with the proposal of using National Heroes Park as the location of the new Parliament building, yet another one of our major public green spaces is also not being used for the purpose it was originally intended. Hope Royal Botanic Gardens, which was designated a public park for non-offensive, quiet recreational events, is being used as a private party venue.

The residents of Hope Pastures have repeatedly complained about the traffic and noise pollution that they are regularly subjected to, but this all seems to fall on deaf ears. Surely, private functions of this nature should be held at a private venue, not in a public botanic garden. Does anyone consider the fact that due to the close proximity of Hope Zoo, the animals could be terrified and put under tremendous stress by the noise and, especially, fireworks?

Unfortunately, the powers that be remain totally insensitive and oblivious to the purpose of a public green space. In fact, they seem to be determined to either ignore any existing rules or regulations that were intended to protect these spaces for the good of the public, or indeed limit access by imposing tariffs, making entry unaffordable to many (as in the case of our public beaches, such as Puerto Seco in Discovery Bay).

We need to be less lethargic and far more proactive in trying to shape our environment and hold our administrators accountable when they appear to ride roughshod over our rights.