Sun | Nov 18, 2018

Seaga has no shame

Published:Friday | June 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The controversial naming of the North-South leg of Highway 2000 in honour of Edward Seaga shows that political expediency has no boundaries of fair play, honesty and common sense.

According to many unbiased Jamaicans, the naming of the highway is nothing more than political Seaganisation of our public spaces. I blame Mr Seaga for accepting such a controversial accolade, as deep down, he must have some reservations about receiving that honour.

It will be an embarrassment to his family, his heirs and successors if any future government rescinds the decision to name the highway in his honour.

The controversial naming of the highway has done much to diminish the contributions Mr Seaga has made to the country. Why weaken the pedestal on which Mr Seaga stands?


Former JLP Councillor