Wed | May 22, 2019

Poor treatment by immigration officers

Published:Monday | June 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I am so upset with how we Jamaicans are treated by those immigration officers at the airport when we visit our families in Jamaica.

I am a born Jamaican living in the United States for a number of years. I never forget my country and family, but every time I visit it gets progressively worse.

My kids visited their grandparents and, of course, I sent things for them and my siblings. They were searched like animals and charged US$100 for having cologne and was told that they are under age. What craziness is that?

My children love Jamaica but are now scared to death of how they were treated and spoken to.

On my last trip, I felt like I just wanted to get on the next flight and return home.

How do you guys expect tourism to increase when those officers have no proper training or know how to speak to people?




I have travelled so many other Caribbean islands and was never treated with any insult, but whenever I have to visit Jamaica, it makes me physically sick knowing I have to deal with those officers who have no respect.

Jamaica is a beautiful country, but I refuse to encourage anyone to visit, because I know the disrespect they will get.

We should be encouraged not discouraged. These immigration officers are running people away.

Marie Thomas