Fri | Jan 18, 2019

Still searching for religious truth

Published:Monday | June 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I read the article with nervousness and trepidation, but soon find myself agreeing with Lennie Little-White's view of religions.

Like Mr Little-White, I was brought up a Presbyterian who believed that the 'white' Jesus will descend from heaven and wash me in the blood of the 'lamb', so that I can be whiter than snow.

However, I started to question my religion when I read passages which instruct 'slaves' to obey their masters. The same passages went on to instruct masters how to treat their slaves.

Despite numerous debates with Christian friends, I have not yet heard an argument to change my views.

This was the case when one takes cognizance of the fact that the Bible was translated on the instructions of one King James, who was the main benefactor of keeping the status quo, that is, people paying their taxes and keeping the darker race in a mindset of servitude.

Sadly, unlike Lennie, I am still searching for the truth, but for the time being, I just focus my energy on being a good person who respects all of mankind, irrespective of their individual persuasions.

C. J. Williams