Thu | Dec 12, 2019

Keep identity of minors confidential

Published:Wednesday | June 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


It is said that a man is innocent until proven guilty, and we must continue, as a society, to respect such an adage. It is important that as the leading newspaper in Jamaica, you must ensure that you do not violate human rights or breach protocols.

May I ask what the law or media protocol states about the publication of information when a minor is purported to be involved in a crime? How do you, as a newspaper, protect juveniles involved or mentioned in criminal proceedings? If such a case goes to trial and the teenager is found not guilty, how do you repair the breach?

We understand that in Jamaican society, black males are seen as criminals.

I continue to believe that we must give juveniles a fair chance to be rehabilitated and not complicate that process. One of the ways we can help juveniles is to value confidentiality.