Wed | May 22, 2019

Trump is dangerous!

Published:Saturday | June 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM


One of your letter writers penned a scary piece, 'Jamaica needs a Trump!' (June 21, 2018) I had to wonder if this person was stable.

First, a man who does not listen to the people he leads is not a leader, nor is a man who leads alone and acts impulsively.

Trump has lost many of his most senior staff, nearly one per month since he took office 17 months ago. They were either abruptly fired or resigned. This speaks volumes about the cracks in his leadership and the chaos reigning in the White House. A man who acts erratically, egotistically, and in childish manner is far from leadership material.

Trump thrives on name-calling and bullying others but gloats in self-praise and moreso when he is praised. He gets defensive when he is ridiculed and called out for his weakness as a leader.

Trump recently had to double down on his inhumane immigration policy, separating children from parents entering the USA illegally. This came after outrage on all sides, including from within his own party.


Saying that immigrants "infest" his country was not very American. Of course, every country has the right to protect its borders, but there must also be a sense of humanity and empathy towards those risking their lives and everything to flee violence, danger and extreme poverty.

Trump's policies are often implemented in a rush and lack depth, logic, and insight. This includes the sudden exit from the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, a 12-nation agreement that according to Trump, was a "rape" perpetrated against American interests!

Americans are slowly coming to grips with the decline of their country's reputation as a superpower and global leader. It is becoming almost painful to watch the nightly news.

I always say, we get who we elect. America chose Trump knowing well the man, his flaws, and what was at stake.

His leadership is dangerous, unfriendly, and extremely unstable.