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Bible-bashing Abrahams over the top

Published:Friday | July 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I read Michael Abrahams' Gleaner online column titled 'Why the Bible is a dangerous book' (July 2, 2018) and some of the responses that followed. Abrahams does appear to be on a campaign to bash religion, the Bible and anyone who is religious.

He has written many articles with anti-religious themes. I don't understand why as most people who believe are not harming anyone, nor do they use their beliefs to hurt others. Most persons use their faith to live better, help others and do good. Of course, there are some who are extreme in their beliefs, and there are religions with extreme philosophies.

We must encourage independent, free thinking as indoctrination and rhetoric can be harmful. Of course, there are very intelligent professional people who are also religious, and there are those who aren't. But there is no reason to try to ridicule persons based on their beliefs and faith.

Indeed, there are parts of the Bible that are controversial, contradictory and even absurd. Interpretations can vary, and we are well aware of the negative ways religion has been used historically to rule, vilify and harm others. We cannot blame this on the Bible.

Generally speaking, I think the Bible is a wholesome book with positive virtues. The Ten Commandments, for instance, form the basis of many laws in progressive societies.There are biblical stories with morals by which we can live.

I think the Bible is a book on philosophy and humanity with different perspectives, from different writers. There are very few books with such broad global appeal to different cultures and races. It also transcends time and is perhaps the most translated book.

I think Dr Abrahams might be better off doing some self-reflection. It appears as if he repeats these thoughts aloud as if trying to convince himself that they are true!