Tue | Jan 19, 2021

NCB's abandonment of Chapelton customers unconsionable

Published:Friday | July 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM


National Commercial Bank (NCB) has been in Chapelton for a number of years, since the days of its precursor, Barclays.

We have recently been advised that as of July 16, 2018, their teller service will be removed, and all banking must be done using the Bank on the Go facility or at the nearest branch, which is 12 miles away in May Pen and which is already overcrowded.

With the present crime situation, it is highly inconvenient and unsafe for persons who have more than $150,000 to deposit or withdraw to have to travel to May Pen. The elderly, students who have examination and school fees to pay, PATH beneficiaries, and others will face much inconvenience because of the changes. Currently, the time spent in long lines to use the ABM is already unbearably long and frustrating.

I cannot imagine what it will be like when there are no tellers. Mr Editor, it appears that this decision has been taken without much thought or consideration for the loyal customers of this bank. ABM-only banking may work in the Corporate Area, but this is rural Jamaica, where Internet use is not universal.


Chapelton PO, Clarendon