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Destroying the Bible would be dangerous

Published:Tuesday | July 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Contrary to Michael Abrahams' claim in his column of July 2, 2018, titled 'The Bible is a dangerous book', the danger is in the very people who manipulate it for their own selfish means, just as how Dr Abrahams picks text out of context to prove his point like many religious leaders.

If we were adhering to the true teachings of the Bible, life would be much more pleasant. I believe that Dr Abrahams is still practising biblical teachings. His problem, I believe, is his knowledge of the evolution theory - like most other doctors with whom I have spoken.

The goodly doctor should research church history from AD 1 onward before attacking the Bible.

The Bible is the most unique book: a history book, a prophetic book, a moral book, a character-building book. To destroy the Bible would be very dangerous, as you would have to close the churches as well. Can you imagine the anarchy and immorality that would follow eventually?