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Letter of the Day | Don't distort Wakanda as byword for corruption

Published:Wednesday | July 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Notwithstanding the lavishly themed party and the rhythmic cuteness of the former energy minister's name alongside, I'm still trying to understand the perpetuation of use of the term 'Wakanda' by the writer in a way that associates, in no uncertain terms, with something negative.

The celebration of the film Black Panther and its fictitional country has, to date, been resoundingly positive, particularly as it is seen as a celebration of black identity.

Why should it be otherwise in Jamaica? It's a new word which we, now going against the grain and for no productive reason, have spun negatively. How does that benefit us? This is no different from demonising a popular global sports brand which has offended no one.

Did I miss where we have since concluded that the film is about or promotes some sort of corrupt structure? Or is the writer saying that it could not be as refreshing as most have said it is and must, therefore, be used as a new point of reference for incompetence and corruption AND because 'is black people', it is fair game for this unjustified recoating? Probably not the latter, but let's not get careless.

I hold no brief for or make no major celebration of the film, BUT take issue if something that is widely accepted as positive imagery of a people who have longed for such, is demonised unnecessarily. This is precisely how we contributed to our own need for identity in the first place. The inability to cherish something valuable, so it gets taken away very easily.

Not defending the film, just querying short-sightedness perhaps?