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Ruel Reid's arrogance

Published:Thursday | July 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Mr Ruel Reid's haughty responses to questions in interviews are not going unnoticed. With so many former information ministers/personnel having behaved in a similar manner, it leaves one to wonder whether such behaviours come with the territory. If so, we forgive him on the basis of culture.

But Mr Reid's arrogance seems to be getting the better of him as exhibited on Monday evening while he was being interviewed on CVM television. When asked about the proposed infrequency of the post-cabinet briefings, he suggested that they would be bimonthly, depending on the importance of the matters at hand.

Subtle Narcissism

So Mr Reid is to determine what matters are the most important to the populace (taken for granted that the media speaks not only for itself but on our behalf also). This posture by Mr Reid reeks of subtle narcissism.

For, he and others of similar ilk are of the opinion that enough information is already being made available to the public via social media platforms. They (he) cannot be more incorrect. For what is doled out through social media is just that - doled out; they choose to state whatever they want, many times withholding relevant bits that would complete the whole truth. Furthermore, not everyone trails social media but most persons have at least a television or a radio. So media briefings provide opportunities to elicit what was deliberately omitted. I, therefore, urge the media to relentlessly continue the campaign to be hosted at frequent information - gathering sessions - with not just the so-called information personnel who often don't know enough - but with the relevant ministers.

a'Lerroy Brown