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Miners River? What’s that?

Published:Friday | July 13, 2018 | 11:06 PM


I read with interest an article by Simone Morgan-Lindo titled 'A river to soothe the soul' in THE STAR of Monday, June 25, 2018.

I am, however, puzzled as to the location of 'Miners River'.

Clarendon has a major river, the Rio Minho (the longest river in Jamaica), which meanders almost the entire length of the parish from north to south.

It starts somewhere in the foothills of The Cockpit Country, between Spaldings and Frankfield in northwest Clarendon and enters the sea at Alley in the southwest of the parish. Along its course, it is fed by many tributaries, such as Green River, Morgan's River, Thomas River, Pindars River and Rock River, and bypasses villages and townships such as Grantham, Frankfield, Kupuis, Summerfield, Suttons, Sevens, May Pen, Parnassus and Alley.

As a youth growing up in northern Clarendon, I was quite familiar with this river and enjoyed fishing and swimming in it. I also knew that it was often referred to as 'Myna River', which was actually a corruption Minho River.

I am wondering if the 'Miners River' mentioned in the article is also a corruption of 'Myna', which is a corruption of Minho. I am not familiar with Miners River and it does not appear on any map of Jamaica that I have seen.


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