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KingAlarm sets standard for crisis management

Published:Monday | July 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I declare that I am a satisfied KingAlarm customer and have been, for close to 10 years, using many of their services. I have found them efficient and professional and I particularly enjoy my interaction with their mobile security guard teams, who I have always found to be classic professionals.

I was, therefore, saddened to see the Braemar videos shown to me and particularly the distasteful foot-in-the-face segment!

True to form, the company responded in the manner I have come to expect when any issue arises - LIKE TRUE PROFESSIONALS. As a customer, I received an email the very same evening that a coworker had showed me the video, advising me of the incident and that it was being investigated and that anyone found guilty would be disciplined, to include termination of employment.

This step to me was unheard of, where a company involved in a debacle reached out to me before I could even call them myself.




Fast-forward 10 days, and I have seen multiple press releases in the newspapers, heard of an investigation, listened to many radio and TV interviews and, ultimately, a press conference with an email just sent to me confirming the result and a link for me as a client to watch the entire press conference to get a better understanding of the company's position.

Now, that to me is leadership; that, to me, is a company understanding the meaning of what it is to be accountable.

I hope others will watch and see crisis management at its finest and that this will become the new standard by which others are held accountable in this country.