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Letter of the Day | Laugh at Trump to your peril

Published:Wednesday | July 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Some of us are bemused by the enigma that is Donald Trump. Some cheer his rhetoric, others are repulsed, and yet others see him as a joke, an inconvenience to be tolerated for four or even eight years.

However, it is imperative that we recognise him for what he really is. He comes across as a man on a mission, bent on destroying democracy as we know it. The tragedy is that he might very well succeed.

Under Donald Trump's watch, traditional institutions are being undermined. Organisations such as NATO, the World Trade Organization and even the bedrock of our civilisation post-World War II - the United Nations, are all threatened. They are being portrayed as enemies of the American people - enemies that should be neutralised or even eradicated.

Donald Trump's most recent sojourn to Europe saw him postulating the view that "Britain is `losing its culture' because of immigration". In his most recent meeting with the Russian president, Mr Trump sidestepped the issue of Russian meddling in the elections in the US, instead casting blame upon the Democratic Party.

We have to ask, are these utterances reflective of a man who is clueless to history, insensitive to humanity, and totally oblivious to traditions of diplomacy and good governance? Or, perhaps, these are the utterances of a man who is very smart, knows exactly what he is doing, and has an agenda that is dangerous to the Western world. Mr Trump is 'playing fool fi ketch wise'.

We ignore this man at our peril, recalling how the rest of Europe ignored the utterances of Adolf Hitler during the 1930s until his 'cancer' had metastasised to the extent that there was a Second World War.

Let us be vigilant in meeting the threat of this man's dangerous rhetoric and bigotry and speak out against it whenever and wherever we can.


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