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Poppycock editorial biased against Holness

Published:Wednesday | July 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM


The Gleaner's editorial titled 'Tahj Rowe and the PM's moral hazards' (July 17, 2018) is absolute nonsense.

It made the assertion that the prime minister might open himself up for more demand from people facing similar challenges while asserting falsehoods.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is not unique in helping families. Prime ministers in Jamaica, in the region, and overseas personally help families struggling with issues all the time - even when the courts and the State are involved. It is not something new and it's not something unique.

Unlike the cynical editorial writer, the prime minister might have a greater purpose in seeking to highlight what he has done. Perhaps the prime minister was appealing to the humanity in us to also help a family who is clearly struggling. The cynical editorial writer, by mentioning that the prime minister invited press and drew attention on himself, is underestimating the weight of the Gleaner story.

The Gleaner editorial writer has issues with Holness and it is clear. He finds favour with Peter Phillips and has issues with Holness.

The editorial ombudsman that The Gleaner appointed can be far-reaching in his duties. Perhaps he could, in his wisdom, say whether this was a responsible editorial of facts.