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Offer to Thai cave boys is gimmickry

Published:Saturday | July 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM


What a gimmick! 'Jamaica to invite Thai boys, coach on free vacation' (Gleaner, July 19, 2018).

Yes, it was a miracle - really, that those boys and their coach survived, and were rescued from their terrible ordeal in the Thai cave system.

But if the Jamaican Government is to invite the boys and their coach, why only them? Why not also invite the rescuers? They are also the heroes. We must not forget, too, that one of the rescuers gave his life to rescue the trapped group.

Self-serving publicity

Really! It's typical of Bartlett to seek self-serving publicity.

It's time for the boys to get back to school, and to continue their education. They have already been through enough, caused millions of dollars to be spent on the mission, and that rescue effort has already consumed an inestimable amount of resources and triggered enough emotional distress to all concerned.

Let the boys then write an essay, and send a video to the schoolkids of Jamaica recounting their experiences so that our kids can see, and understand, what true courage and camaraderie are.