Wed | Dec 12, 2018

Etiquette a lost virtue

Published:Sunday | July 22, 2018 | 11:11 PMOren Cousins


Glenn Tucker complained in the Observer about the disappearance of good manners and conduct in Jamaica.

Among the concerns he raised, he said, "Dr Leahcim Semaj, of Above and Beyond, has made some revelations concerning young job seekers that would shock many among us who do not have to deal with young people. "Truth be told, I don't remember any special attempt to prepare us for interviews. But the Ministry of Education must become engaged now, because it seems we do not have parents anymore."

We still have good parents, Mr Tucker, but forces such as social media, extreme materialism, coarse music and poverty are fighting against us. Yet we must not give up. We must continue the struggle to preserve good manners and moral attitudes such as respect for life and property and justice.

'Buttuism' is of great concern, I agree. Already overburdened schools will have to add deportment as a major element on their curriculum.

I am often disconcerted when students come to me to endorse their photographs and other documents.Adults who accompany them are invariably respectful. I often have to lecture students who come to me that etiquette is of vital importance, especially when seeking employment. I am often answered with "Yah!" and a persistent absence of "Sir" and a smile.

Be shocked that many high-school graduates have never heard of, or used the word, 'etiquette'.