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Letter of the Day | Arsonists sabotaging the Government

Published:Tuesday | July 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM


There's a level of depravity sweeping this country and it's alarming to watch. Within hours of each other, arsonists set fire to two of the country's waste-disposal sites.

The minister of local government intimated on Monday that persons were deliberately setting fires in order to benefit from the dividends to be had from extinguishing them. But I venture to go a little further.

The Riverton City dump is being used as a tool in the fight for political mileage and power. More than ever, we are aware that degenerates are using the sites as political pawns aimed at stimulating widespread bitterness and anger towards the current administration.

It is virtually impossible to detect those responsible for setting the dumps ablaze. The size of the dumps, particularly at Riverton, make them exceptionally difficult to secure, leaving them very vulnerable.


Clear and specific agenda


Therefore, one can hazard a guess that it is no supporter or close affiliate of the current administration. It is reasonable to conclude that operatives with a specific agenda are intent on scoring political points.

Ultimately innocent Jamaicans, including young children with and without medical challenges, are unceremoniously exposed to smoke inhalation and other respiratory challenges.

On Tuesday, smoke reached as far as the Mona community, coming directly from Riverton City. Is it worth putting lives at risk for the sake of political power and for the purpose of undermining the Government?

In the face of this, the Government is urged to be vigilant, to stay the course and strategise to combat the dirty underhanded games of the desperate.

All economic indicators suggest that the country is going in the right direction and this will no doubt drive fear into those determined to see the country take a nosedive, as long as it serves their purpose.

The Government is under siege, and if it doesn't act quickly, all the gains will be eroded.