Tue | Apr 7, 2020

Corruption choking development

Published:Thursday | August 2, 2018 | 12:12 AM


We as a country continue to wallow in the cesspool of underdevelopment, poverty and crime because we lack any decency as a people.

It's not about PNP (People's National Party) 'pot a cuss kettle black', it's about the age-old nastiness of corruption that has held us back.

I do not send my son to school to see him steal somebody's things and when I ask him about it, he tells me that the other students were doing it so he did it, too. I don't want to hear that the PNP did it, so it's OK for the JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) to do it.

Every well-thinking Jamaican, whether they are PNP or JLP, has expectations when there is a change of government; we hope that there will be a shift away from corruption, the corruption that has held us back almost entirely since adult suffrage; a corruption that sees us being the worst-performing Caribbean island with maybe the exception of Guyana; corruption and wastage that see our children still using pit latrines in schools and our people in certain sections of the Corporate Area walking with pans in the mornings and evenings to get water, or poor roads that cause misery for our farmers and rural folks. All conditions that none of these politicians would want for themselves.

Holness (who said he was new and different), like Bruce Golding, has continued to let down the Jamaican people with disappointing actions and we are left here to ponder on who is more corrupt. The PNP or the JLP?