Sun | Feb 23, 2020

Key strategies in fighting crime

Published:Thursday | August 2, 2018 | 12:13 AM


Here are some concrete suggestions that can be employed for us to get a handle on crime:

- In upgrading the police force, weed out corrupt cops;

- Make it safe for us to give evidence in court, and to report crime without being afraid to do so;

- Continue to monitor this crime-polluted country with public state of emergency and curfews when necessary;

- Make sure the police have sufficient motor vehicles to move around at all times.

- Use of more undercover police officers;

- Flood crime-prone areas and town centres with surveillance cameras;

- Furnish dark streets, dark corners and other places with bright lights;

- Let the security forces search all idlers, who are lurking around on street corners, for illegal weapons.

- Reintroduce capital punishment.

Donald J. Mckoy