Sat | Dec 15, 2018

Do more to honour our greats while alive

Published:Friday | August 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM


As I read about Neville Lee's passing, and the amazing contribution to the development of Jamaican music and broadcasting, I was in awe as I read the tributes and his achievements. I couldn't help but wonder why we don't hear more about these outstanding Jamaicans while they are alive. I never knew that Lee, who was Byron Lee's brother, achieved so much with his record production and distribution company Sonic Sounds, and before that with Dynamic Sounds. I didn't know he was an initial investor in CVM TV and did so much (often at no charge), to help CVM TV get off the ground. Never heard his name actually. According to reports, Lee worked with Jamaica's major reggae artistes, and was instrumental with their success. Has he ever been honoured?

The other cultural great who passed away recently was "Carrot" Jarrett, his name was synonymous with outstanding music for decades, in particular as a musician in "Third World" band. I'm unsure if he was ever honoured individually for his lifetime contribution to the development of our music and culture, not just locally but also internationally. There are a lot more like Neville Lee and Carrot Jarrett. We need to review the process of how we recognise and honour the great men and women among us, for their outstanding work and achievements in arts, culture, sports, business, science, the works. They are truly an inspiration, and we can learn so much from them. We give thanks for their lives and contribution to the nation and express condolences to the families and dear friends.

P. Chin